Why Satved?

Morden Ayurveda

This is the high time for all the health organisations to look eastward and believe in the modern Ayurvedic treatment, which is both effective and quick. Since we all have relied on the allopathy for years, we are habitual of immediate therapy. Satved offers fast and effective Ayurvedic treatment without any strict dietary restrictions.  We help people believe that non-conventional treatment exists with both remedies and cure.

Extract Ayurvedic Medicines

At Satved we offer an extract form of medicines that are customised as per the need of the treatment. Our research analysts and experts have developed a modern manufacturing method for producing extract Ayurvedic medicines. Our process of producing customised Ayurvedic medicines make us stand different among all the similar players in the market. For us, your body science is the key to the treatment of your body disease or disorder.

Over The Phone Consultation

When any concerned doctor from the panel of experts have an on-call consultation diagnosis, he makes sure to note down every little thing of your life such as diet, lifestyle, professional background and family history before prescribing any medicines or treatment. After the complete diagnosis, our Ayurvedic doctor prescribes you the medicines that are specially customised as per the balance of your body science. Our doctors also consider weekly follow-ups to check about the effect of the medicines or treatment.

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Our Expert Panel Of Doctors

At Satved, we are privileged to have certified PHD Ayurvedic doctors and experts, who take care of the initial diagnosis, Ayurvedic treatment and follow-ups of our patients. Our doctors do not unnecessarily make you undergo any treatment if only home remedies or precautions can help you get well.

Free Home Delivery Of Medicines

If our patients agree to undergo the Ayurvedic treatment with our doctors, we inform the research centre, where our experts dispatch customised medicines to the logistics. Our doctors further add the guidelines regarding the intake of medicines along with some lifestyle changes and diet chart, if necessary. Both the medicines and the guidelines are delivered at your doorstep with no extra shipping costs. Our patients only need to pay for the Ayurvedic medicines they are prescribed with.

Visiting Our Centre

There are patients, who wish to consult our Ayurvedic doctors at the centre for physical diagnosis in case of severe diseases or disorders. We ask our patients to visit us at the nearest centre as per the nature of the treatment.

Bringing Life To Your Lifestyle

We have always observed that modern lifestyle has made people their slave that results in both poor diet and lifestyle habits. At Satved, our doctors recommend tips and suggestions for living a healthy lifestyle followed by a healthy diet plan. We understand that life is busy and hence, we suggest things that are easy to follow. We all live once, why not to live healthy and happy?