Consult to our expert Ayurvedic doctors for finding simplest, cost-effective and quick remedies for your health problems. Our experienced and senior Ayurvedic Doctors have researched in-depth about the holistic methods and herbs that help in managing the chronic and common health conditions. Our ultimate goal is to provide effective and honest treatment measures by working on the causes rather than worrying about the symptoms. We provide on-phone consultation for free, without asking our patients to visit us personally.

The world has advanced with the use of technology, and we at Satved are happily utilising the benefits of advanced technology for consulting and diagnosing the chronic and rare our patients from across the globe. Satved offers phone consultation for free of cost for helping patients diagnose and acknowledge about their serious health issues.

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Phone Consultation

At Satved, we believe in managing the health issues of our patients by talking to them over the phone for a successful diagnosis. Our health experts talk with our patients with patience and carefully listen to our patients regarding their lifestyle, dietary habits and health symptoms. We are never in a hurry to pick a solution; we rather pick the root cause for managing a permanent solution of the disease.

Why do you need a phone consultation?

Satved has expert Ayurvedic Doctors specialised in various health problems. With the phone consultation, we are moving a step ahead for the treatment of your disease/disorder. Even though you are having an ongoing treatment (allopathy, Ayurvedic or homoeopathy), you can book a phone consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor and get yourselves confined about the health issue. Sometimes, we all need to opt for alternative treatment, if the previous treatment results are not satisfactory. We want our patients to take their health problem sincerely and contact us with complete honesty to help us treat them with the best possible means.

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Every disease is diagnosed with its signs and symptoms. Our Ayurvedic Experts have successfully managed many diseases and disorders for which their diagnosing knowledge has enhanced over the years. We at Satved help our patients from across the world with a free diagnosis of the disease by offering ‘On phone consultation’. Your lifestyle habits and diet is observed, acknowledged and understood before providing any treatment. On-call diagnosis and customised prescription of medicines delivered to your doorstep.


Once our Ayurvedic doctors help the patients through on-phone consultation and diagnose their disease, they offer customised treatment to the patients suiting their body science. When our patients agree to undergo the treatment, we deliver medicines to your doorstep without any shipping charges. Our medicines are delivered to all the locations in the world including India, U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Canada and the Middle East. Diagnose, heal and manage your illness from any corner of the world with Satved Ayurveda.