International Patients?

India’s ancient healing science has been a wonderful pack of treatment for the westerners since 1970. As the time passed by, their trust for Ayurvedic medicines and treatment got enhanced which resulted in many new research centres, international Ayurvedic academies and country visits. We at Satved are trying to bridge the gap of Ayurvedic treatment for international patients with an online clinic portal that has both on-call consultation and international medicine shipment.

What do we offer to our International Patients?

  • Free on-phone consultation
  • Free diagnosis of the disease/disorder
  • Personalised Ayurvedic Treatment based on body science
  • Shipping of medicines to your doorstep
  • Regular follow-up by our doctors
  • Advises and Tips for living a healthy lifestyle
  • Ayurvedic tips for precaution of hereditary diseases

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Are you planning to visit our centre?

If you are planning to visit our doctors personally at our Indian Centre, we would like you to get in touch with our online representatives, who would help you from getting complete support from taking an appointment to the climatic conditions and nearby hotel information. We make you feel like home by offering you every information that is important to know before planning the visit.

We are soon going to have our international centre base in the major countries of the world. If you are planning your visit to India, you can surely meet our expert doctors for a physical check-up at our Indian Satved Centre. Our doctors at Satved help you boost your health immunity and know your body doshas for giving you a long-term relief from the different types of health issues.

Chronic diseases

Our international patients can visit our Indian Satved Centre for getting relief and treatment of chronic diseases and disorders such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, mental trauma, and depression and joints problems. Soon, we are updating with the international packages to give a basic idea about the budget of the Ayurvedic treatment.