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Online Consultation


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We diagnose and listen to your health issues with Video Consultation.

Video Consultation

The world has advanced with the use of technology, and we at Satved are happily utilising the benefits of advanced technology for consulting and diagnosing the chronic and rare our patients from across the globe. Satved offers online video consultation for free of cost for helping patients diagnose and acknowledge about their serious health issues.

Video Consultation is an exclusive service of Satved Ayurveda for the patients suffering from rare diseases like cancer, tumour, skin diseases, ligament injuries, trauma, arthritis, etc. to name a few. Patients who need to be diagnosed using a video interface can fill the below form and get their video consultation booked.

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Why Videoconferencing?

There are different types of diseases each with its peculiar symptom and complication. Our health coach understands that some of the diseases need to be consulted face-to-face for helping the doctors to acknowledge the physical symptoms. This special service of video calling is for the patients, who genuinely need to have a video consultation with our Ayurveda experts.

Book your video consultation and get your treatment started.