Kidney Stone


Have you experienced the chronic pain attack?

12-15% of Indians experience the problem of kidney stone once in the lifetime. Never stay dehydrated, drink enough fluids and consume more dairy items for preventing kidney stones.

Kidney Stone


What are Kidney Stones?

The crystallisation of minerals found in the urine result in the formation of kidney stones that are both pebble alike and in pieces. The kidney stones can be as tiny as the mustard seed or can be as large as the Ivy gourd. In both the cases, the pain is chronic and unbearable. It pains quite severe, and sometimes the pain settles down on its own. Kidney stones can be formed in either one or both the kidneys causing pain, discomfort and restlessness. It can also develop anywhere in the ureters, urethra and bladder. In scientific term, the kidney stones are often referred to as the ‘Renal Calculi’.

The types of kidney stones

The formation of kidney stones is because of the different minerals present in the urine. Thus, the type of minerals forms different kinds of kidney stones. They are:

kidney stone


The type of kidney stones that are made up of calcium and oxalate or calcium and phosphate. The Calcium, Oxalate and Phosphate are the natural ingredients found in the daily food items that we consume. Having less calcium and oxalate food items can prevent the risk of kidney stones.

kidney stone

Uric acid

Too much of uric acid in the urine or the calcium in the urine can develop uric acid kidney stones in the body. Women are more prone to develop this type of kidney stones. Purine-rich diet can help in preventing the risk of uric acid kidney stones.

kidney stone


If a person has a genetically disorder, i.e. Cystinuria, he/she develops a kidney stone that is made up of Cystine. This is the rarest types of kidney stones found in both the genders.

kidney stone


If a person, especially women, develops a urinary tract infection then Struvite kidney stones start growing inside the body. They are generally large and can also result in a urinary obstruction.

Kidney Stone


What causes kidney stones?

High calcium, oxalate and phosphorus in the urine results in the formation of Kidney Stones in the urethra, ureters, kidney and bladder of the person.

Kidney Stone

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

  • Chronic and sharp circulating pain in the back, side lower end, upper lower back, abdomen or groin.
  • Bleeding in the urine or the urinary tract
  • Pain while urinating
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Restless and sweat
  • Fever (sometimes)
  • Problem while urinating
  • Postponing the urinal urge due to any reason
  • Increased frequency of passing urine

Home remedies for Kidney Stones

  • Drink the mixture of lemon juice with olive oil on a regular basis for treating the kidney stones naturally. The lemon juice breaks the stones into pieces after which it can be easily removed outside of the body through urine.
  • Increased intake of magnesium-rich foods such as Okra or lady finger.
  • Intake of water that is infused with basil juice. Drinking more water on a daily basis.
  • Drinking coconut water regularly to prevent as well as cure the problem of kidney stone formation inside the body.
  • Intake of Horse gram (Kollu) for breaking the kidney stones naturally.
  • Mix honey with boiled basil leaves and eat it twice or thrice a day.
Kidney Stone
Kidney Stone

What change do you need in your lifestyle for avoiding the formation of kidney stones?

  • Rely more on liquid intake than dry food items
  • Drink required amount of water every day
  • Never stay dehydrated
  • Do not strain while passing urine
  • Start consuming barley water, buttermilk and horse gram
  • Start having pumpkin soup in your diet
  • Some food items to avoid are fish, chocolate, spinach, pickles, coffee, tea, etc.


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Kidney stone and Ayurveda

Vrukka Ashmari is the Ayurvedic name of Kidney Stone. Vrukka means kidney and Ashmari mean stone. Our genius Ayurvedic experts have worked on naturally treating the kidney stones without any need of the surgical help. We have the Ayurvedic solution of herbs and medicines that help in dissolving the kidney stones in the most natural way. Our Ayurvedic experts also believe in the detoxing techniques known as the ‘Panchkarma’ for strengthening and maintaining the body from kidney stone formation.
The kidney stones are formed of different reasons as described above. We need to diagnose your body type and its lifestyle of knowing the kind of stones your body has developed. We give customised Ayurvedic medicines referring to the lifestyle of the person for removing kidney stones naturally.