Treat diabetes naturally, beyond Ayurveda

Indians are prone to diabetes 10 years earlier than the western countries. There exists a complete treatment for diabetes in Ayurveda that is both effective and quick.

What is diabetes?

As per the Ayurveda, the diabetes is a result of the diminished functioning of the ‘Agni’, i.e. digestive fire. As a result, it triggers high blood-sugar levels in the human body. There are many causes of diabetes but to conclude, it is a chronic disorder, which needs timely treatment.

Causes of Type


There are two types of diabetes, each having its reasons or causes. The type 1 diabetes is the result of hereditary predisposition, virus and infections, autoimmune destruction of cells, pancreas removal or damage, chemical or drug side-effects, diseases related to endocrine, etc.

Causes of Type


The type 2 diabetes is caused because of high blood pressure, active smoking habit, overweight or obesity, high fat and cholesterol diet, high level of fatigue and an inactive lifestyle.

Causes of


Diabetes, when caused during the pregnancy is referred to as ‘gestational diabetes’. The hormonal changes in pregnancy are the primary cause of this type of diabetes. Of course, the genetic and lifestyle factors are also the two factors for gestational diabetes. In the scientific term, when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin inside the body of a pregnant woman, it results in diabetes. This type of diabetes is generally cured after the pregnant woman delivers her baby.


Symptoms of diabetes:

  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Blurred vision and fatigue
  • Legs and joint pain
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Unhealed sores
  • Irrelevant weight loss

Some famous Home remedies for Diabetes

  • Increasing the intake of turmeric, cinnamon, mustard and asafoetida in the diet
  • Drinking water in the copper vessel
  • Drinking fenugreek water and bitter gourd juice
  • Chewing raw Bel, Fenugreek and Jamun seeds
  • Intake of bitter items such as bitter leaves, bitter gourd, amla, etc.
  • Daily intake of Morus Indica (Mulberry)

Remember, the home remedies mentioned in the Ayurveda helps in controlling the blood sugar levels in the body for the temporary period. To help your body to get rid of the ill-effects of diabetes, you need to continue with the scientific Ayurvedic treatment offered by a professional Ayurveda doctor.



Consult for free diagnosis

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Diabetes, Ayurvedic definition

In Ayurveda, the diabetes disorder is referred to as ‘Madhumeha’, which means ‘Maha Rog’ or ‘Major disorder’. We all know that diabetes cannot be treated, it needs to be controlled. If diabetes is not controlled at the right time, it can harm your entire body organs including eyesight, kidney, joint pains, impotence, etc. Our Ayurveda experts offer tailored medicines and also ensures that no side-effects are caused to the other body organs while treating diabetes. We also help people with precaution to prediabetes effect, the stage where the blood sugar levels result in the border margin.