Knee Replacement


Difficulty in performing everyday tasks?

In India, 20-30% of patients are advised with ‘Knee Replacement surgery’ unnecessarily. Ayurveda has managed to heal similar patients without surgery.

What is Knee Replacement?

Being one of the most common bone surgeries in India and U.S.A, an arthroplasty or knee replacement surgery successfully replaces the damage bone parts of the knee with the artificial ones. Such implants are successful, and people opt for it for continuing the regular physical movements.

Do you need a knee replacement surgery?

Do you need a knee replacement surgery?

According to Medical Science and Ayurveda, a knee replacement surgery is only necessary when the knee bone is bowed or has major defects. The deformity of the knee bone is the primary reason for knee replacement. Only when the medicines are not helpful to cure the problem of the knee pain, osteoarthritis or the swelling of the knee, the patient should visit the knee replacement surgeon for further treatment.


The possible causes for which knee replacement is suggested by Orthopedic doctors:

  • Knee bone deformities
  • Bowing of knee bone
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout
  • Knee injury
  • Loss of cartilage
  • Bone dysplasia
  • Avascular necrosis

Most of the above-listed causes are managed by Ayurveda without undergoing any surgery or artificial knee bone implant. Only in the cases where the knee bone is defected or detected with deformities, the need for knee replacement surgery is considered as immediate or vital. Ayurveda has managed all types and stages of arthritis successfully. It only needs proper attention and commitment from the patient to follow the suggestions and holistic medicines prescribed by the Ayurvedic Doctor.

Signs to consider for a knee bone checkup

Signs to consider for a knee bone checkup

  • Severe pain in the knee
  • Limited mobility
  • Swelling in the knee bone
  • Limitations to lifestyle
  • Visual changes in the appearance of the knee bone

Home remedies for severe knee pain

  • Apply turmeric paste over the inflamed knee bone to avoid pain and swelling.
  • Include ginger in your daily diet to avoid inflammation and pain.
  • Intake of Ashwagandha is good for flexibility and ease of the knee bone.
  • Intake of Triphala for curing pain and inflammation of the knee bone.
  • Oil massage helps in reducing chronic pain and provides relief.
  • Light exercises or yoga for flexibility of the bones.
Home remedies for severe knee pain


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Our certified Ayurveda experts offer a free consultation over the phone for helping you live a healthy life. We provide a complete diagnosis of your health issue after having an in-depth telephonic conversation. Ayurveda has enhanced its method of treatment in the last few years. Today, you can heal any disease or disorder using the powerful ingredients of Ayurveda medicine that are offered by a genius. These natural remedies do not harm your body organs, and henceforth, it is 100% safe to use. Once the medicine is delivered to your doorstep, you can experience the change and effect of the Ayurvedic treatment. Our experts also maintain the professional case file of our patients and help with regular follow-up over the phone.

Knee Replacement


What our Ayurvedic Doctors have to say about Knee Replacement?

As per Ayurveda, the knee replacement is necessary or vital only when a person has knee bone deformities or any severe physical injury on the knee bone. Ayurveda has managed all the types of Arthritis, which is a major cause for the pain in the knee bone. Our panel of expert Ayurvedic doctors helps patients to survive and live a flexible lifestyle with Ayurvedic knee pain treatment. Our inflammatory and anti-inflammatory treatments help a person to normalise and nourish their knee bone by providing relief and rejuvenation. Ayurveda offers an alternative treatment for knee pain or knee replacement surgery.